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Los Geranios Hotel’s Map, in Puerto de Sóller

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Los Geranios Hotel’s Map, in Puerto de Sóller

Map Hotel in Puerto de Sóller

Our 4-star beach hotel in Puerto de Soller boasts a magnificent location right alongside the beach in the stunningly beautiful resort town of Puerto de Soller in the northwest corner of the island of Majorca.

With easy access to the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains it is a great choice for hikers and lovers of the outdoors, and only a few steps away from the beach and crystal-clear waters. The perfect place for travellers wishing to discover the island or just rest and relax and enjoy the sunshine. Book your stay now on the official website of Los Geranios Hotel.


  • Airport of Palma de Mallorca
  • Puerto Sóller Museum
  • Port of Sa Calobra
  • Sóller Botanical Garden

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